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On Set of Soko Kitzbühel Season 19

This week (21. April, 2020) aired the episode of Soko Kitzbühel, a beloved Austrian crime show, in which I got to play the part of Alice Valka 🥰 I hope you already watched it, nevertheless I tried to keep it spoiler free-ish (you’ll find a link to my scenes at the end).

Title: S19E10 “Soko Kitzbühel – Sie sind unter uns” – (eng. They are among us)
Location: Kitzbühel, Austria (2019)
Production: Gebhardt Productions / ORF
Directed by: Michi Riebl
Written by: Alrun Fichtenbauer
Cast by: Nicole Schmied

Main Cast:
Jakob Seeböck (Lukas Roither)
Julia Cencig (Nina Pokorny)
Andrea L’Arronge (Gräfin Schönberg)
Heinz Marecek (Hannes Kofler)
Ferry Öllinger (Kroisleitner)
Veronika Polly (Dr. Stefanie Löcker)
Felix Kreutzer (Tobias)
Pamela Knaack (Carolin)
Markus Freistätter (Konny Lindler)
Gerhard Greiner (Ingo Lindler)
Eva Kuen (Helga Lindler)
Alexander Fennon (Heiner Mosbach)
Erika Kibar (Yvonne Prebitzer)
Annalena Kubinger (Alice Valka)

Back in 2019 I changed agencies and the first audition my new agency got me was the part of Alice Valka in Soko Kitzbühel. I immediately fell in love with my character and got right to work. Which basically means that I have read and reread the whole script (by Alrun Fichtenbauer) at least 3 times, to figure out the story and the characters. Eventually you can talk with the director about your character, but at first it’s all you and the script 🤓📖20190917_165907

Usually after being cast and doing my work I have to wait for the day of the shoot. This episode started filming in fall 2019 and I got to travel twice to Kitzbühel to film my scenes. It’s quite a long train ride (go green production!🌍🍃) to Vienna, but I was lucky because these shooting dates allowed me to make it to the release show of the music video for the boys from Call It Even (check out “On Set of Call It Even – High Road” *currently still in draft mode*).


After arriving in Kitzbühel I went to the production office and got fitted for the wardrobe for the shoot. I love when other people choose clothing for me, because I enjoy discovering new styles. 👗👢 Also, I love when I get my hair and makeup done, because in real life I usually just let my hair dry in the air and leave the house with no or minimal makeup (side note; I’m blessed with good genetics). What I did offer was my own jewellery; I have this necklace with a mountain on it and two delicate rings which fit Alice perfectly.

“Wenigstens hab ich mich nicht getäuscht.” – Alice Valka
“At least I wasn’t wrong.”

Partner in Crime (or not😅) Markus Freistätter (2019)


I was lucky to have all my scenes with the talented Markus Freistätter, whom I’ve only known from the big screen and heard about from mutual friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner; he was giving, patient and sweet. Character wise, not so much. Stupid Konny. (Not a spoiler yet, but please watch the episode before reading this anyway 😉 )

The first scene we shot was a night shoot and after wardrobe, hair & makeup we went up to a small meadow up in the forest somewhere. Perfect place for aliens, is all I’m saying.


All I had to do for this scene was sit shotgun in the car; which was really nice because when my scene was over I had the best view to watch my colleagues work – Alexander Fennon, whom I’ve met before, and Erika Kibar, whom I didn’t know but immediately connected with over working as actors in Cape Town. But yeah, my scene… I kinda got the nickname “poor Alice” from Michi, our great & funny director, for this… and all my other scenes XD I’m a person who will fight for love, and Alice has the same qualities.

The next morning I left for Vienna, while Markus and the others stayed in Kitzbühel for the next days, filming their scenes. ❤

Lindler Family – Eva Kuen, Markus Freistätter & Gerhard Greiner
Soko Kitzbühel has the most beautiful sets *moo*

A week later I was back and we all went up to an Inn early in the morning. This time it was Markus, Gerhard Greiner and Eva Kuen – the whole Lindler family! I felt like an unwanted outsider, but only as my character, because to be honest; the whole cast and crew were one of the nicest people I have ever met. For a big production like that – I might have found their secret for success 😉 That day was also the birthday of the leading lady, Julia Cencig, which I didn’t know and awkwardly stood right next to her when the whole set started singing happy birthday during one of the takes XD

©ORF/Gebhardt Productions/Stefanie Leo


But I’m getting ahead of myself; first up where scenes with the family and then a little fight with my beloved. After that they decided to break my heart, but hey, as long as it’s good television I’m up for it 😉 In my last scene I figure out what’s going on because I find (SPOILER: Erika’s character’s phone with selfies of her kissing MY BOYFRIEND! Thus, he had a motive to kill her… but worse, he cheated on me)

©ORF/Gebhardt Productions/Stefanie Leo


This shot. This was the very last scene and the very last moment for me. I mean, I got to play with all of the main police force. I don’t look too happy, but I really loved standing next to them, acting with them and making sure that I handed Jakob the phone as good as possible – while still looking confused/pissed/disappointed/what-ever-you-call-this XD

Konny calling Alice

After this last take we said goodbye to everyone and Markus and I got on the train back to Vienna. And thus, my first part on a television show, a crime show I’ve watched since I was a teenager, was a wrap.

“Jetzt ist es vorbei.” – Alice Valka
“Now it’s over.”

For my showreel I edited my scenes together; you can watch it here:
More about Soko Kitzbühel:

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    I hope you will be able to see this email.

    Unfortunately I am unable to read your latest setlife posting as it says I need to enter a password, but I do not have a password for it.

    I wonder, are you able to tell me what the password is?

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    1. Dear Paul,

      I’ve just made the post public! I was waiting for the production company to read it and luckily they liked it! 🙂 Let me know what you think! Also, there is a YouTube link with my scenes and English subtitles.

      Hope you are safe and healthy,
      All the best,
      Annalena 😀


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