About Annalena

So, about me; I’m an actress from Austria, born and raised. I’ve lived in Japan and the USA – actually I’m currently living in Los Angeles (since Nov 2017).

I’ve always wanted to be an actress and so I’ve been part of drama clubs in my school, and later I went to drama school in Vienna. I also made some short films at the film classes at University of Vienna and at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (because I have two Bachelor of Arts).

So far, most of my projects have been short films, commercials, music videos or student films – apart from the stage plays I have done. The one I’m most proud of is the intermission film for the New Year’s Day Concert (you can read more here).

About Setlife

I’ve had the idea of posting about what’s going on behind the scenes of the business for a while now (it actually started with an idea for a YouTube channel, which is still in the works atm).

Since I’ve started working as an actress I’ve had the best conversations with people working in the business for ages and in different fields. I wanted to bring what these people do closer to people unrelated to film and TV.

Therefore, this blog will be about them as much as it will be about me; because I’m obviously writing it from my point of view. Maybe it will be interviews, maybe it will be recaps from set or even – if I get the YouTube channel to work – short behind the scenes videos.