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On Set of the Filmakademie – Cockroach

Cockroach… What a title ­čśë This summer, I got an audition at the Filmakademie in Vienna – one of the better known teachers there being the great Austrian film director Michael Haneke (If you don’t know him yet, better go check him out ^^). Eventually I got cast in this project “Cockroach” and another one, “Sangre del Toro”. This post is about my experience on set of Cockroach, and the short is there too.

Filmakademie Project “Cockroach”
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: Summer 2018
Director: Ani Novakovic
Crew: Kris Machtlinger, Julia Sternthal, Felix Leitner, Sarah May Handler, Dimi Fjodorovs and Benni Pieber
Cast: Dominik Dos-Reis, Annalena Kubinger and Ingo Paulick

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Personal Life: One more month in L.A.

After my first two months in L.A. my student visa is running out – but just in time I got the chance to work on another project while I am here. Which meant that I had to cancel my flight back home and book a new one. It also meant, that I’m still not getting everything done that I had planned to do – like replying to messages I got after the New Year’s Concert.

I promise I will get to all of them after my current project is done. Also, I promise that I will post a blog entry once a week starting this week. (And this week I’m already doing it :D) I loved the messages I got from all around the world and it means so much to me that people actually watched my work and enjoyed it.

My next project will be quite dark though. I’m not going to spoil it, but I can say this much: It’s called “Love Fiercely” and it is a short film about a girl with depression.

Love Fiercely IG #1
“Love Fiercely” Cast Introduction on Instagram by Reactant Films

Currently I am living with the girl who is playing the other lead, and it turned out that we are both German speakers. Doesn’t mean that we are actually talking in German though ­čśë

Ana and Rey – Life on Set

So this is it for now, I have to get back to work and write a letter as my character (you will see it in the movie later).

All the best from Hollywood, L.A.

Love, Annalena