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On Set of Soko Kitzbühel Season 19

This week (21. April, 2020) aired the episode of Soko Kitzbühel, a beloved Austrian crime show, in which I got to play the part of Alice Valka 🥰 I hope you already watched it, nevertheless I tried to keep it spoiler free-ish (you’ll find a link to my scenes at the end).

Title: S19E10 “Soko Kitzbühel – Sie sind unter uns” – (eng. They are among us)
Location: Kitzbühel, Austria (2019)
Production: Gebhardt Productions / ORF
Directed by: Michi Riebl
Written by: Alrun Fichtenbauer
Cast by: Nicole Schmied

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Vienna New Year’s Concert 2018

This year I had the great honor to work with Georg Riha and his talented crew on the Break Film for the Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year’s Concert 2018. I will post more Behind the Scenes after it has officially aired (1.1.2018, ORF 2 Europe, 11:15am GMT+1 (Austria)), but I wanted to share a few (German) articles before that.

Wiener Philharmoniker Neujahrskonzert 2018 – ORF Pausenfilm über Wiener Moderne
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: Summer 2017
Airing: 1.1.2018 (worldwide)
Production: RIHA FILM for ORF
Crew: Georg Riha, Thomas Kirschner, Dominik Steiner, Birgitte Guggenbichler,… more below
Cast: Annalena Kubinger, Philip Kolb and Viennese Philharmonics

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