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On Set of Soko Kitzbühel Season 19

This week (21. April, 2020) aired the episode of Soko Kitzbühel, a beloved Austrian crime show, in which I got to play the part of Alice Valka 🥰 I hope you already watched it, nevertheless I tried to keep it spoiler free-ish (you’ll find a link to my scenes at the end).

Title: S19E10 “Soko Kitzbühel – Sie sind unter uns” – (eng. They are among us)
Location: Kitzbühel, Austria (2019)
Production: Gebhardt Productions / ORF
Directed by: Michi Riebl
Written by: Alrun Fichtenbauer
Cast by: Nicole Schmied

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Behind The Scenes, Short Film

On Set of the Filmakademie – Cockroach

Cockroach… What a title 😉 This summer, I got an audition at the Filmakademie in Vienna – one of the better known teachers there being the great Austrian film director Michael Haneke (If you don’t know him yet, better go check him out ^^). Eventually I got cast in this project “Cockroach” and another one, “Sangre del Toro”. This post is about my experience on set of Cockroach, and the short is there too.

Filmakademie Project “Cockroach”
Location: Vienna, Austria
Date: Summer 2018
Director: Ani Novakovic
Crew: Kris Machtlinger, Julia Sternthal, Felix Leitner, Sarah May Handler, Dimi Fjodorovs and Benni Pieber
Cast: Dominik Dos-Reis, Annalena Kubinger and Ingo Paulick

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Behind The Scenes, Commercial

On Set of the Mercedes-Benz Commercial

… and well, that’s that actually; I was on the set of the Mercedes-Benz Commercial, but in the end our super awesome squad was cut from the final version 😉

Mercedes-Benz X-Class Commercial Campaign
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Date: Summer 2017
Production: Markenfilm (Germany), BAS Production (Slovenia)
Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg
Director: Jan Wentz
Exec. Creative Director: Arno Lindemann (Mercedes Instagram Post by Arno Lindemann)
Costume Design: Charlotte Chadwick & Damir Raković Ponorelii
Cast: Annalena Kubinger (Marie Antoinette) and Manca Kaplan, Jernej Indihar, Gasper and more (=super awesome squad)

I had a lot of fun filming this international commercial, and I got to shoot a few behind the scenes moments.

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On Set with Lily James and Vöslauer

One of my first commercials was this year’s Vöslauer ad – fitting for an Austrian actress to start with an Austrian Mineral Water Brand. It also featured Lily James, and – in the director’s cut only – me.

Title: Vöslauer Commercial – “The Chase” with Lily James
Location: Austria, Vienna
Date: Spring 2017
Production: PPM Production
Crew: Anthony Mandler and more
Cast: Lily James & extras

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